BackTrack 4 Beta – Shmoo release

Belum sempat install backtrack 3 di laptop versi 4 sudah mau release :( , laptop alim ga mau di install OS aneh2 :P . Backtrack salah satu distro security pentest yang paling dikenal akhirnya akan meluncurkan versi barunya , namun untuk saat ini masih belum dapat didownload dengan bebas , untuk mendapatkannya harus didownload langsung dari server local dalam ShmooCon 2009

We’ve closed our Shmoo edition BT4 image…and its ready to roll..
We will have a local download center in ShmooCon 2009 for people to freely download the image. Look for us at the Pico booth.

The image will be 850+ MB, so get them DVD’s, or even better, USB keys ready. We will also have a VMWare image handy.

Beberapa fitur dan perbaikan yang akan di sertakan dalam Backtrack 4 antara lain :

Default password to BackTrack 4 hasn’t changed, still root / toor.

KDE 3 is being used in BT4. We tried KDE 4, really, we did. It sucked.
Maybe 4.2 in BT4 final.

Most of the KDE “apt gettable” packages have “kde3″ appended to their names.
So “apt-get install kate-kde3″ is good, “apt-get install kate” is bad.
Use “apt-cache search ” to search for packages to install.

Kernel sources included in /usr/src/linux.

DHCP disabled by default on boot, you need to /etc/init.d/networking start

If you do an HD install and want to restore networking (DHCP) to be enabled
at boot, type “update-rc.d networking defaults”.

VMware users – to fix the KDE resolution, type “fixvmware” before starting X.

Vmware tools and kernel modules compile perfectly on VMWare 6.5.1

If you can’t get X to work, first try to autogenerate an xorg.conf by
typing “Xorg -configure” and try using the generated conf file. If that
bums out, you can revert to VESA by typing “fixvesa”.

Wireless networking in KDE can be started with KnetworkManager

Various drivers can be found in /opt/drivers (various madwifi branches,
video drivers for Nvidia and HP 2133’s).

Installation of BT4 to HD is similar to BT3. (tip – dont forget to modify
/etc/fstab after the install. Change the first line from aufs / aufs ….
to the corresponding device and filesystem. For example, on my box it’s
/dev/sda3 / reiserfs defaults 0 0, as my root partition is on sda3 and
i used the resiserfs filesystem).

The warning message “W: GPG error: intrepid Release:
The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not
available: NO_PUBKEY CB2F6C86F77B1CA9″ when “apt-get update” occurs as the
Intrepid KDE 3 repos do not use a GPG key. We will eventually host these package
in our own repo.

Conky takes a while to load.

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